Are video games getting worse every year?

Are video games getting worse every year?

Tragic state of the industry

Whoever has been playing games for more than 10 years now has experienced a gradual decline in the quality of games. In a time, where every industry is evolving for the better, it seems the inherent product that drives video game industry is gradually worsening. There are repeated examples of fiasco in the mainstream gaming culture which is destroying the overall climate of this sub-culture. Video games getting worse every year, read further to check my list of games.

Video games getting worse

Game developers have been indifferent to such marked deficiencies in their product; it is shown by the repeated bugs and arbitrary practice of micro-transaction that they have integrated into virtually every AAA release. When a person buys a product, least he can hope is ownership, even if the product is outright sloppy and bad. Software and digital product have helped the industry move forward, however, but the progress is inversely proportionate to decline in quality with massive imbalance.

Let us prevent the degeneration – Video games getting worse

To counter this negative wave of bullshit that is directing the movement of the trend, we need to build a dam, or even better direct an alternate wave directly colliding against it. To make it happen, there are measures we can take to keep our wallet hefty and immune ourselves from this delinquent act of money leeching that is widespread.

There are several game developers who have adopted this act of leeching money through micro-transaction, churning out incomplete games and rolling out paid DLC to fit the missing puzzles in a semi-complete game. To make it worse, they are simply releasing games in haste that are plagued with bugs and are technically unsound.

It is time for another revolution, a much-needed purge

For a person, who loves gaming and would love to watch this industry grow, there are a million others who are poised to destroy it, seems history always repeat itself. At a time when video game industry was on the verge of collapse, our saviour Shigeru Miyamoto has revived this dying industry. The Italian plumber fixed this damaged industry like a plumber fixing a faucet.

Top 5 games that are living examples of video games getting worse – 2016

Considering the rate at which the industry is generating failures, by the time we wait for one gem among the thousand failures, the industry will be doomed. It infuriates me to see titles that were performing well became a perpetrator to such a disaster, that my faith in this industry is lost and will be almost impossible to restore until we see some impeccable list of games. Although, that seems like a distant dream and also seemingly impossible at this time, let us look at few games that were hyped so much that it turned into a disaster at its release.

5) Call of duty Infinite warfare

This game sets out in the future where mankind has mastered space travel and colonised planets orbiting in our solar system. Activision masked a game with futuristic technology, hyper-modernized sci-fi weaponry and an air combat in the deep black space that is repeated like sloppy soundtrack on a broken record.

Video games getting worse


In seems the downfall of this franchise has been sealed with this game, every mission felt like a bunch of soldiers yelling with fury to takedown space terrorists. The characters in the games were robotic, with crappy dialogue and foolish pride. The only redeeming quality, if any, which I found after straining my brain, was Ethan.  An artificial intelligence that provided critical information on how to progress with every mission and the game felt tired, lazy and repetitive after that.


I have not completed the game, because of a flaky and uninspiring storyline, I quit the game midway. Despite the lack of success and backlash from gamers, a paid DLC was rolled out to supplement the game. Little did Sabotage DLC help in repairing the damage done, in fact, it further fanned the flame. The DLC was filled with even more bugs than the original game which sparked a never ending thread in the Reddit community that talked about everything that is wrong with call of duty infinity warfare.

4) The division

Tom Clancy series are my favourite military shooter game and the division was one of the games I eagerly wanted to play. As I ordered the game a week after it release date, I did have a fair idea of how the game played. Thanks to youtube. At first, I noticed the staggering difference in the graphics as shown in gameplay trailer and the actual game.

Video games getting worse

For anyone who is a fan of Ubisoft will understand the pattern of this eccentric occurrence. Being an avid player of Ubisoft games, I was able to stomach the graphic downgrade without any hiccups. I love this game, and deeply wished if this game had more substance to it. The initial cut-scenes got me hooked, and the story started with a bang. However as I dived deeper into this game, my dislike for the game resurfaced.

I couldn’t exactly figure out the purpose of the missions that were assigned to me, I love building our headquarters and grinding for gears. However, monotony kicked in like the effect of an ecstasy pill, every combat more or less felt the same, and the shooting mechanics which was initially satisfying felt like a horrendous chore. Despite this, I continued in hopes of getting better loots for weapon upgrade and to become more effective in combat.

I did get better, but then I realised minute twitches such as player respawn in the middle of the battlefield, unresponsive servers and bland major bosses. There may be variety in weapon customization but weapon choice is uninspiring, I simply picked the most powerful, instead of choosing a specific style.

The city of New York is beautifully designed and the world is a visual dessert, but there is nothing more to it. If only it possessed a degree of variety like Ubisoft incorporated in its far cry series. Many gamers point, that it is an MMO, so the story, to say the least, remains devoid of any substance. The division is repetitive, boring, and purposeless grinding game that it never kept me hooked like other Tom Clancy series.

3) Mafia III

It is so disheartening to put this name here but it sadly Mafia III hasn’t done anything spectacular. Mafia III is developed by Hangar 13. It is set in the beautiful city named as New Bordeaux a fictional recreation of New Orleans. This franchise has done so well in the past that it was natural and expected for it to be a success. Although the game features a robust and engaging story line, it somehow falls short in the game play and shooting mechanism.

I started playing this game with immense excitement but was discouraged to continue playing it because of the obnoxious gun-fights that almost always ended up in a death. Not only can the protagonist carry only two guns but also the ability to stack less than required ammos make it impossible to win against scurrying waves of enemies. Being an open world game, there are only zero to few side missions. Even if they exist, they are exclusive to the main missions involving sneaking in and stealing or killing somebody.

Video games getting worse

To add to the horror, the open world of Bordeaux may be enticing but gets frustrating when you are blocked by annoying entry path which are placed at hideous locations restricting the flexibility in the game. Mafia III is a platform for bugs, there so many technical glitches in the game that it renders it unplayable, like riding a boat, driving around the car and unusual texture in the environment.

It is so annoying that I did not bother putting more than 6 hours in the game. Alas, Thank you Hangar 13, for giving me a reason to never pick up a copy of Mafia ever. I am good with the older series of Mafia, the latest version seems to destroy the essence of the game. 

2) Mighty no 9

In a time when AAA titles have become a chain of dried shit brick, comes an independent small budget game studio to contribute to the shit list. I am a big fan of Megaman, in fact I fell in love with the Blue-bomber and the concept of drawing power from defeated enemies. I was hooked to the 8bit games that changed for the better on Gameboy and escalated to Playstation 1 and 2. I religiously played every game in the series, and then abruptly its production stopped.

A generation passed in anticipation for the new Megaman game, but there was no hope for a sequel. All the internal tiffs and differences in Capcom made the demise of Megaman evident. However, the artwork designer of Megaman; Keiji Inafune sensed the dismay and disappointment among the fans, and promised us that he will offer a quench to our thirst. We are Megaman lovers, we see the inventor of this trademark asking for funds to crowdsource its creation, we donate our hard-earned money. Our love is so deep, we may beg, borrow or steal again, if someone promises the same. We are hopeless romantic for the blue bomber, we will do whatever it takes to keep this character alive.

Video games getting worse

Keiji Inafune started a kickstarter campaign for crowdfunding the project named Mighty no. 9. His lofty plans and detailed vision was highly captivating, and the target of $ 1 million was over- achieved by $ 3 million. Total fund that was raised touched whooping $ 4 million, 400% of the projected requirement. See, we love megaman, tomorrow you come asking to fund your project to revive Megaman, and we are going to do it again.

Despite loads of financial cushion, the game was horrible and pathetic. It resembled nothing like Megaman, the graphic downgrade, the bug and glitches in every level, the shitty mechanics and so on. At every corner there was a shit tank to be unloaded in your face, it made me realize how stupid I was to consider a re-release of this series as it will never happen. This game lacked everything that Megaman possessed, it is simply a digital trash. 

1) No man sky – The epitome of bullshit game

I was never hyped, nor was I ever interested in this game. I, however, got a copy because I ran out of games and thought to try this game developed by game studio “Hello Games.” I am at loss of words and I don’t know where to start my rage and bitter disappointment with this game. It starts at a boring pace, the visuals are extremely torturous, the mechanism, if any is repetitive, story, what is a story I could on and on how a game can be designed to hit every target to become a failure.

No Story – check, Monotonous Gameplay – Check, Zero Substance – Check, Glitches – Check and repetitive task – Check. This game has managed to find the perfect combination to become a disaster. It has laid the manuscript for building an awesome game, by providing a checklist of everything that could go wrong in developing a game. Hence, a studio just needs to avoid everything that No man sky offered and boom, you have a killer game.

I am extremely grateful to God, for not watching interviews of Sean Murray who was the face of Hello game prior to the release of No man Sky. His abject disregard to ethics of marketing is astounding, he has promoted the game to the point that people started believing it belonged to the list of legendary titles. It turned out, the game was exactly opposite to what he has described and was miserable in every way possible.

Video games getting worse

It was shallow, pointless repetitive grind that ends nowhere. The centre of universe is another planet that has the same things as done in the first planet. If you plan to ever buy this game, I suggest that you piss on your money rather than spend it on this game.

Here is the video link to enjoy the massive incongruence of what was said pre and post release of the game.

If this doesn’t boil your blood, then believe me nothing will!

Tackling the phenomenon of video games getting worse

These games have hindered the growth of video games and at least they provide a formula to game developers not to ever follow the checklist offered by these top 5 flop games of the year. So as game consumer or gamer what choices do we make to put an end to this tornado of bullshit. I have been pondering and thinking of every possible alternative or measures that can stop further production of these bullshit games.

Video games getting worse

Gamers are searching for that old school vibe and core game play flair that the games today have failed to offer. We tend to pick every new game that has a hype larger than a tornado in order to fulfil our lust and nostalgia for gameplay. Marketers of these game developers have understood our longing and desire for core mechanics, and are playing to our fantasies by reeling us with a bait. Despite being repeatedly played with, we are hopelessly clinging onto AAA game developers with the hope of returning to our fantasy image of gaming.

It’s time we take a stand and not fall prey to such a gimmick for the sake of preservation of this dying industry and put an end to such malpractices. We need to take the matter in our hands, give these game developers a taste of their own medicine and make them recourse to generating playable complete games. Continue reading to find a way to turn a series of boring repetitive game titles thrown in the face of the consumer into a series of fresh new IP’s with complete storyline. To do this, we need to take concrete measures so that we set a precedent for game studios to realise how screwing us up with one title will cause them to lose credibility for good.

Top 3 methods to send a wave to major game developers

  1. Go full indie when the said game developer releases a new piece of shit

Thanks to marketer, we are well aware in advance about upcoming game releases, and once we know the date, we can look for Independent game developers who have timed a release in the same month  and pre-order that game if possible to help the indie developer become a better developer. Indie developers have developed games with amazing game-play, story and music. It is rare to see an indie game making it to the top, because of its lack of marketing budget or limited Public relation. Other than that, they develop some of the best games that a console or pc has to offer.

Video games getting worse

Independent studios have a reputation of making 2d games or games that has a retro vibe to it. This is an outdated philosophy, and with changing times and increasing budget size independent game developers have developed solid next graphics game despite lacking the stupendous budget of a mainstream game studio. A great example for this is House of dying sun. A game designed by solo artist available on steam.

There few other indie games that make a notable impact, namely Stanley Parable, Gone home, Limbo(Platformer), Obduction, Hyper light drifter (retro vibe), Firewatch etc. There are plenty to watch out for this year, I am sure a couple games in, you will develop a taste for gaming in its purest form without a tiny vestige of bullshit.

  1. Never pre-order a game

I have learnt it the hard way after pre-ordering certain physical as well as digital copies of a game. Firstly, almost never have I received my copy of the game on first day of its release. Although digital copies are a good alternative to this problem, they just don’t fit my style of collecting physical copies of games. Second, no matter how amazing a game title is, it is never a good choice to pre-order a game. Pre-ordering is the biggest scam of this generation because at its core, there is no content in a game that can be so significant that it warrants a pre-order.

Video games getting worse

Moreover, if any content was to be rudimentary in operating the game, it cannot be bundled as a pre-order bonus as that will render the game worthless for other class of gamers who don’t pre-order. Naturally, the number of purchases after the release of the game far outnumbers the pre-order purchases, thus a developer cannot risk giving the most fundamental content as an exclusive because developers wouldn’t want to dig their own grave.

  1. Buy only genuine value added DLC, not accessories or weapon upgrades

Various games have provided DLC that were valuable in their core and are like major game release by themselves and I respect that. In fact, I advocate buying DLC’s with new content and game play like Witcher: Blood and wine.

However, there are a group of developers who monetize on the slightest instinct to experience a character or game after it has been fundamentally completed. To capitalize on our weakness, studios roll out DLC that is merely additional missions that are no different from the campaign that comes pre-installed with the main game.

Video games getting worse

One particular instance when studios went overboard in their pursuit of greed was in the case Mass Effect: Andromeda Day 1 Prothean squad mate DLC. Day 1 DLC’s were common industry practice until Mass effect took it out of bounds, the DLC for it was related to the story and the game would be useless unless the DLC was installed. This is worst level to stoop down to and my abject dislike for this game was that I never bought this game.

I don’t think I will ever purchase a game that comes with a DLC day one that is mandatory to play the content of the main game. DLC are supposed to be add ons, however game developers are blunt with their greed for money and making it apparent in their latest game titles.

Why are video games getting worse?

Although there are multiple reasons for games getting shittier by the day, by far Money stays at top of the list. Game studios should learn from smaller studios about the pay-offs involved in taking risks and having an elephant sized budget for an oft-recycled title will not always work. This is evident if you look at some the games I listed above.

Video games getting worse

Also, there is a massive biased plaguing the review system. If you look at most of the AAA titles, despite their apparent flaw, they manage to score 6, 7 or freaking 8 when they don’t deserve a rating above 4. This has also provided leeway to developers to churn out shallow trash and get away by skimming the investment cost through pre-orders and misguided gamers.

It’s time we take control and remove the naïve lens from eyes. Stop supporting big game studios if they have disappointed you in the past, they will continue to do in the future as well. Watch Youtube videos, and read reviews from independent reviewer before parting away from your hard earned cash.

Hope this article helps you take an informed decision, rather than getting sulked into the massive game marketing gimmick and think independently before you buy a game. If you feel there are more games that need to be added to the list, kindly share it in the comment below so we can create a list of games that turned out be trash and help our fellow gamers.



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