Uncharted Lost Legacy – Third Person action adventure defining game

A sequel to the hottest selling Playstation 4 exclusive

Uncharted Lost legacy is developed by the famous game studio “Naughty Dogs”. The lost legacy was initially thought of as a DLC, but it was later discovered that it is a “Story Expansion.” It is set in India and continues on Chloe’s journey as shown in Uncharted 2. We have word from the studio that tells Lost Legacy follows period after the conclusion of ‘The thief’s end.’ Uncharted 4 is off-course one of the hottest selling Ps4 exclusives, with Horizon Zero Dawn ranking second on the list. Lost legacy is officially confirmed to be released on 22nd August 2017. Uncharted 4 was one of the game that made me backpack and travel across the country, I hope to draw the same vibe off Lost Legacy, especially since it is based in my home country.

The game core mechanics, combat and shooting remains similar or I can say identical to that of  ‘The thief’s end.’ However, there are few changes, Chloe possesses the ability to pick locks and gain access to doors that Nathan otherwise could not access. In addition to that, there is a wider routes to destination as envisioned in the last game. Finally, the lost legacy revolves around an ancient artefact called ‘The tusk of Ganesha.’ Both the protagonist have different agendas and a common goal, this differing agenda will definitely add a suspenseful tint to the ending of the story which we cannot wait to experience.

Two protagonist – Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross

The trailer opens with mountain crafted statue of Ganesha, the lord of the Hindu tradition. With an interesting Indian drums and Tabla score in the background. Two ladies who appeared in the previous sequel Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross are co-protagonist, both of them are believed to have common route but differing objective. It is a little disheartening to not see Nathan even make a cameo in this DLC. As much as I wanted to see him in Lost Legacy, there is another part of me that accept the game for what it is.

Uncharted lost legacy

Uncharted 4: The thief’s end beautifully concluded the four sequel long journey of Nathan Drake. The settings, theme, environment, story, music, voice acting, character expressions were just perfect and if Naughty dogs had continued to push Nathan’s story further, it could have turned distasteful. Like in the famous words of Harvey Dent from Batman “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Although I am slightly disappointed with not having to see Drake in the latest DLC of Uncharted, I am nevertheless copping a copy of the same because it is third person action adventure game and one that fits precisely into that description.

Search for the ‘Tusk of Ganesha’ in India

The gameplay begins with Chloe and Nadine standing atop a mountain that oversees the Ganesha sculpted mountain. As the camera angle turns to the characters from the top, we witness both of them standing on thin shaky mountain beam. Chloe leads the way, uses her rappel rope to jump across and both of them are headed for the city. It is funny that during the gameplay, there are several climbing, trekking and scaling, which provides a camera angle from the bottom.

We get to see a lot of both the ladies from behind. For all those who have played uncharted 2, there is a brief period in the game where Chloe and Nathan together have to escape through a war-stricken city. As Chloe climbs the ladder, Nathan follows and comments “Boy, it’s a shame that you have to sit on something that pretty.” Our attention seem to divert on the ladies rather than the environment.

Uncharted lost legacy

Moreover, the set pieces set by Naughty dogs are pretty realistic and adds a lot action elements in the game. An armoured jeep shows up while they are caught in an altercation with the patrol. There is a mounted LMG on the vehicle that always manages to get an angle on Chloe and Nadine despite their sharp manoeuvre to escape the gun-men’s line of sight. As they jump, climb, slide and roll their way through the patrol to enter a closed building, they hurriedly dash through the door. The moment they enter the building, the floor collapses and they fall to the ground level.

A villain who is menacing, cold and calculative in his approach

As they progress through the dark dungeons, they see a ray of light falling on the ground. The sunlight shines through the breach on the top of the wall, which serves as an escape point. As Chloe leads to climb the wall, the so called jeep which is actually an armoured SUV sieges the wall and enters the dungeon. The destruction makes Chloe and Nadine fall to the floor, along with the relic called “the Shiva’s eye.” The villain whose name is not known walks out to grab the relic before ailing Chloe could stretch her arms to grab it. He is full bearded with a menacing stance and wears a thin framed rectangular spectacle. I think his name is Sav and he is the leader of the insurgent army in India.

Uncharted lost legacy

As Sav proceeds to kill Chloe, he coldly tells a story about an Indian ruler who would expect men and boys from his kingdom to join the army. To do that, he would publically announce the same and if there were detractors, who discouraged people from fighting for the army, the ruler would publically execute the detractors to instil fear in the hearts of people. As Sav completes his story, he loads the pistol and points to Chloe’s head. Before he could take a shot, at this intense moment, the gameplay closes.

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