Uncharted Lost Legacy Trailer Part 2 – The phatgamer’s Impression

Uncharted Lost Legacy – Part 2

We can never get enough of Chloe Frazer

As we approach closer to the launch of the game, the excitement is mounting. We can’t wait any longer to play this action adventure video game set to hit PlayStation on August 22nd, 2017. In the meanwhile, you can view the trailer here.


The new trailer starts with Chloe opening a vault from within a cave that reveals the lush green landscape with ample waterfall and a misty atmosphere. Chloe mumbles to herself about the fortress that she has been tracking which is located behind the waterfall. She turns around to find another door that splits open to reveal a clearly visible fortress right in between the lake. A third fortress is revealed that sits in between two mountains as she opens the third door. Chloe takes note of each of them.

The world is wider rather than strictly linear

There is a circular lever at the centre of the room which upon rotating, lowers the platform. As it reaches the ground, Chloe walks out of the tower to rejoin Nadine who was waiting in the jeep. It seems the fortress was a clue from an artefact they discovered, and Sav has been aggressively pursuing Chole and Nadine to reclaim the precious artefact. The environment looks stunning, pretty, enticing and immersive as we drive the jeep around lakes, swamps and turning around trees and proceed to one of the forts. Not much of a surprise as we see the fort is guarded by mercenaries and Chloe silently kills one of them. As a controllable character, Chloe picks the lock on a crate, which is a test of timing the button press, and she unlocks it to find a silenced pistol.

She climbs to the top one of the watch tower to take down the guard and get an overview of the territory. The mercenaries are chattering among themselves and are scoffing at their gang leaders and Sav, they speak with an accent that we know of as Indian accent. It is comical and reminds me of Far Cry 4 where we get to hear a similar intonation from Pagan Min’s Royal army guards. Anyways, at 5.00 on the video, we see Chloe artfully takes down mercenaries without detection and the silenced gun works like a charm. Then she detonates an explosive to breach over a shaky wall to gain access to the inside where she finds a token and then they head back to the jeep to proceed to another fort.

Location is India, in the western ghats – Maharashtra

Uncharted Lost Legacy

Chloe and Nadine discuss Sav and propaganda he deploys to buy loyalty from his guards and mercenaries. Moments like these are a signature of uncharted games where a major chunk of the storyline is presented through conversation, all the while playing the game. As they find their way through the forest of Western Ghats, they find another monument that Chloe calls the substruct. As shown at the start of the trailer, the fort lies behind the waterfall. At the entrance of the fort, an axe is inscribed on the wall which represents the “Axe of Shiva”. The wooden door is jammed and to create a way, it must be cranked open. So Chloe attached the towing rope to the door and pulls it open by reversing the jeep.

On entering the tattered fortress, they come across statues from ancient times that ties up well with the story but fails to provide any real significance during the trailer. As they cut their way across the length and breadth of the fortress, Chloe takes a leap to the climb a far reaching platform, although she manages to grab the edge, it crumbles and she falls only to land on a lake below her. She invites Nadine to plunge into the water because there is a way from underwater that leads to the inner sanctum of the fortress.

I am sure Nathan Drake ain’t even making a special appearance

As they dive and swim across closed-surfaced water, they reach an open area filled with Sav’s patrol unit. A fight ensues where the mercenaries are beaten and the duo walks through the labyrinth to arrive at majestic court room. There is a circular lever that rests at the corner of the ledge which on using lowers the axe held by a gigantic statue across the far end of the room. As Chloe steps on the mechanical tile, several pillars like structure emerges from the ground that forms a path to reach the other end of the room towards the statue. The trailer closes at this point.

Uncharted Lost Legacy

Although it is 14 minutes long gameplay trailer, there isn’t much to take from the trailer in contrast to the last trailer. For those who haven’t seen my impressions of the First Uncharted Lost legacy trailer, you can read it here. This could be partly because of the fact that it is the second gameplay trailer and the first almost gave away a major portion of information at the time of its reveal.

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