Top 5 video games that inspires player to travel

 Top 5 games that will inspire you to travel

Games are a form of entertainment, as much as it is an art form. Lots of creativity is pumped into a game to deliver it as a complete package. I have complied a list of video games that inspires travelling. These video games have developed worlds that are as beautiful as the real world and encourages you to put gaming on a hold and experience novelty of travelling personally.

5) Infamous Second son – Live in the real city of Seattle!!

Video games inspire travel

Delsin Rowe high on life!!

Released on March 21st, 2014 by Sucker Punch Productions, Infamous Second Son is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It is based in the real town of Seattle. The game packs tons of super-power to choose from and a brief yet compelling storyline. Second Son blends the perfect recipe for a solid game. It is one of the games that I received with my Ps4 purchase and one of the first game I played on the console. I deeply appreciated old school games that focused on gameplay and storyline, this game nailed these criteria perfectly. The open world of Seattle looks gorgeous on the console. The skyscraper, road network and cafes along with the denizen of Seattle.

Video games inspire travel

Space center reproduced in game from real space center in Seattle

As I progressed through the game, mostly I stopped the game. And I found myself standing atop the tallest building and feasting on the wonderful sight of Seattle. There is a space center that actually represents the real life equivalent. Game developer “Sucker Punch Productions” is based in Seattle, they made the map of this game exactly like the real-life reproduction of the city. For some like me who hasn’t visited Seattle, I got a taste of this amazing city.

Video games inspire travel

Why walk, when you can fly!!

Residing in an urban city and working in Gurgaon the technological hub of Northern India, I could view the similarities in both the world. If given a chance, I would visit Seattle just to walk around and breathe in the novelty, this city has to offer. I had an uncontrollable urge to travel and visit Seattle and Infamous second son is guilty of this.

4) Assassin’s creed black flag 4 – Ambition and adventure are the essences of life!

Video games inspire travel

Edward tripping while sitting on the topmost ledge

I played Black flag 4 as my first few games immediately after I purchased my Playstation 4. The franchise Assassin Creed just did not click with me, however, black flag 4 intrigued me. From the moment, I popped the Blu-ray disc in my PS4, I was astounded at the sheer beauty of its world map. Mediterranean Islands, Cool Blue Ocean, Golden yellow bristling sunlight and lush green tropical flora were the perfect blends to incite the traveler in me to explore this beauty first hand.

Video games inspire travel

The sea along its shore, palm tree and golden sand. Hawaii, anyone??

Story, character, and gameplay took a backseat, the moment I started playing this game. I was hooked to its environment, which was extremely detailed and vivid. Black flag 4 was designed to run on the previous generation consoles. Ubisoft marvelously captures the essence of exploration in black flag even though the game was designed to the tech specs of older consoles.

Ticket to Caribbean island

As you progress further in the game, you can purchase a ship and hire a crew to travel and explore the entire world map. Not that I haven’t played open world game, Assassin creed blows other open world exploration out of the water (yes, Pun intended). I wanted the game to surprise me with every other corner of the map, it never failed in doing so.

Video games inspire travel

The ship owned by Edward!!

Although the lifestyle of lead protagonist “Edward Kenway” is a fantasy, it is so enticing that I would give up my entire wealth and possession to experience it once. The game compelled me gracefully to go on a trip which I did locally just to experience a tiny bit of adventure that Edward experience daily. Black flag 4 will surely persuade you to hit the road or climb the hills or even relax at a beach, play it to experience it.

3) Final Fantasy XV – Surprises await at every corner of the world.

Video games inspire travel


Released in November 2016 by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV is a tale of Noctis and his companions journeying around the world of Eos. The world of Eos is connected with land masses and water bodies. It is a huge world that engulfs you deeply into it. Eos is filled with rich interactive flora anfauna that are unique in its design. Weather system combined with alluring landscape sets the tone for perfect vacation and get-away.  My affection for this franchise dates back to Gameboy color and PlayStation 1 period. During that time Final Fantasy was turn-based RPG game, I have witnessed its evolution in story and graphics which made the game more refreshing and exhilarating.

Video games inspire travel

One of the most spectacular locations in a video game

The theme of this game and the world it offers has engaging characters. Moreover, there are many characters that you meet along the way that provides a sense of immersion and Final Fantasy takes you to a world of its own. I haven’t completed the game yet because of my hectic work schedule, I see myself completing it in the near future whenever my work allows. FF XV gives an escape from reality into a world abound with treasures, monsters, awesome characters and landscape so unique that it makes you wander into its beauty forgetting the main story in the game. Riding Regalia along with your crew is similar to a real world adventure with your friends to travel and get away from the bustle of life.

Video games inspires travelling

Urban landscape!

FF XV will convince you to embark on a real-life impromptu journey with friends. The thrill of exploring the unknown and facing surprises is what the game delivers to its audience. Play this game to be inspired to travel around the globe and let your mind wander off into utopia.

2) Pokémon Blue/Red/Yellow or any other RPG Pokémon game – Starts your heart racing to set out on an adventure to craft your own life.

Video games inspires travelling

This is where it all starts, Prof Oak with Ash and Gary

There are two reasons why this game falls 2nd on this list, one because I am a diehard fan of Pokemon and want to live and breathe along with Pokémon in real life. Two, because this game makes you put on your backpack and go out on an adventure. Pokémon Blue makes you realize that life is a journey and it is best left to exploration.

Video games inspires travelling

Fighting gym trainers to gain badges

Exposure to this game at such a young age imprinted the idea of life being a journey that needs to be traversed. Characters you meet along the way, some good some bad are part and parcel of this adventure. Gary who is our arch-rival in the game reflects the envious peer who exists in your organization.

Video games inspires travelling

At home, when we start the game, this is where Ash wakes up!

The time of its release and my first gameplay seemed close to perfect as it provided the recipe needed to face this necessary evil called life. Ashes journey from the time when his mother wakes him up in his house and to the final chapter where ashes name is engraved in the hall of fame is enthralling filled with challenges and rewards, closely resembling the journey in real life. From cycling in the forest, surfing on the ocean and traveling on a cruise ship, it is overwhelming to see such finely designed story line and gameplay on Gameboy color. It is a game that made me realize that journey is the essence of life and the more we focus on the journey, the better off our destination would be. You can read the phat gamer’s phat review of Pokemon blue here.

Uncharted 4 – Finishing the game gave me an existential crisis!!

Video games inspires travelling

The virtual world looks like an actual vacation spot!!

A ps4 exclusive game designed by naughty dogs that contain some of the most breathtaking location ever to be witnessed in a video game. Uncharted 4 has bagged awards and received numerous accolades from the fraternity. Nathan Drake has concluded his life of a treasure hunter in this final sequel. Elena has been pursuing him to quit his pathological desire to demystify incomplete historical events.

Video games inspires travelling

Scotland – Henry Avery’s Graveyard – My favorite location

Before finally closing the chapter Naughty dogs have served their fans with a spectacular game that lives within us even after we are done completing it. In his final journey Nathan Drake walks the path to self-discovery along with the discovery of the treasure left behind by notorious pirate Henry Avery, Nathan Drake stumbles upon some of the most stunning and mind-blowing landscape that I have ever witnessed.

Video games inspires travelling

Henry avery graveyard search – Scotland – So mystical!!

Nathan’s journey becomes the player journey and the environment design is so elusive that have caught myself gazing at the horizon of a rocky climb in Henry Avery graveyard chapter in the game. Being an Indian and having traveled most of the scenic beauty in India, seeing that there exist an even more heavenly place in far west islands of Great Britain, have sparked a burning desire, an unexplainable urge, and an ever-growing itch to explore these places.

Video games inspires travelling

A secret island only for pirates – Libertalia

Playing as Nathan Drake brings you so close to experiencing these jaw-dropping landscapes and visual dessert that this game looks and feels surreal. Naughty dog has nailed this time with locations that can make you weak in your knees and it plants a seed that fuels the longing to actually travel and experience the exact same location first-hand not just as a tourist but as a raw traveler.

Video games inspires travelling

Islands that captivates !! – A caribbean hint!!

Growing up as commerce student, I grew up to dislike history, however, uncharted 4 has completely made me change my perspective on how I viewed history. It coaxed me to actually start liking the subject because of the way Naughty dog has presented it in their franchise.

Video games inspires travelling

Almost at the climax of the game, little had I known that I would start hating my life after this game

Although it is a fictional history threaded with little factual evidence, the portrayal makes it believable and authentic as it has been derived from history books. This game is an absolute must for every gamer to experience. Exotic locations and that pure high octane adventure raises your heart beat with inspiration.

Wells that the wrap-up of my top 5 games that ticked the travel bug in me and inspired me to take a break from console and experience beauty of nature personally. I am hoping games like this are constantly produced to inspire gamers to travel. Video game enthusiasts are constantly on the back-lash of fitness/sports industry for their lack of personal engagement in any form of sport. Play these games and you will surely pack your bags to move out and venture out to explore the world.

Do you think, there are any games that missed the spot?? Comment you opinion in the comment section below.

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