Top 13 features Playstation 5 should have!

Top 13 features Playstation 5 should have!

Sony should put these top 13 features on PlayStation 5

It has been more than 3 years from the launch of PlayStation 4. November 2016 was the month when Ps4 Pro was revealed. A slight upgrade from its cousin, the major one being an ability to upscale games into 4K resolution and HDR support. Although these changes were a great improvement to the standard console, there were several features that gamers expected which did not see fruition.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

Ps4 Pro, which was formerly named as Neo, faired extremely well and did supply the oxygen to flame 4k gaming for console gamers. It was housed with 2.1 Ghz 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU and 4.2 TLOPS AMD radeon which generated 50% more power than standard Ps4 and game developers could utilize excess power to create games that appealed to gamer aesthetically.

Features that Ps4 and Ps4 Pro missed

Despite every successes that came with PS4 Pro there were certain features that were missing and caused modest disappointment. Today, most of the media in about more than 40% of the world is consumed in 4K or even 8k, and Hollywood movies and TV series rank first in this form of consumption. A gamer is more of a consumer of media, precisely interactive media, however every once in while desires to watch movies.

Those moments when you can watch a movie on your PS4 on a Blu-ray disk but, but not on ultra 4K Blu-ray disc was a disheartening. Sony never failed to miss the point of the console for which it was designed, i.e Games, and delivers perfectly on this front. Nevertheless, a console that can be used to watch movies, stream Tv series and much more could bring in more option to become a hardcore entertainment hub.

Although Ps4 missed certain aspect that gamers wanted, here are top 13 features PlayStation 5 must have:

1) 8K at 60FPS

Top 13 features PlayStation 5


Playstation 4 Pro upscales the games to 4k which runs at mostly at 30FPS and rarely at 60FPS. With PS5 succeeding this technology, we want Sony to put out a machine that easily delivers 4K resolution or higher at 60FPS or higher. PlayStation 5 will not only smash every competitor but also set new precedents in console gaming that companies aspire. Sony can easily touch this target considering the evolution and upgrade that it made with this gen only 3 years from the initial release. Let us have a console that breaks stereotypes and spits in the face of these critics, Play Station 5, please bless us with thou power.

2) Backwards compatibility

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

Isn’t it natural to assume that Ps4 being a superior version can run Ps3 games? It is an overt simplification of concept and Ps4 was built on technology that represented more of a PC than it represented a console. Play station 5 should wipe-off all the technological fluff and let us gamer play at least Ps4 and Ps3 games if not Ps2 games on it. Imagine the size of library if Sony blurred the lines between preceding game consoles and Play station 5. That is 1000+ games right off the bat for Sony, and it will make PlayStation 5 undisputed champions for a long, long time. Imagine playing old school games that are nostalgic at 4K 60FPS, am I crying, why are my eyes moist?

3) Integrated Keyboard and Mouse support

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

With Play station and other consoles entering the competitive e-sport scene and becoming more aligned with this genre that is predominated by PC, it is not impossible to expect console with K/M setup. Not that everybody would use this feature but the sheer availability of Sony manufactured Keyboard and mouse support can disrupt the e-sport avenue. Imagine having the option to switch between controller and mouse mode, to feel the vibe of both the world. PlayStation 5 will be a console that will find its way into every gamers’ house should Sony introduce this on Ps5.

4) Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray player

Despite the ability to run UHD 4K Blu-ray disc on a console is available on Xbox, it goes without saying, that Play Station 5 should support this feature. Every now and then a gamer wishes to watch a movie on a weekend with family or friends on the big screen with crisp display and razor sharp motion that only an Ultra HD 4K movie disc offers.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

While there are several independent UHD 4k Blu-ray player but the idea of having one unit that performs every function shall make Ps5 a monstrous gaming unit.

5) Multi-feature controllers

Dual Shock 4 was a killer controller that performed exceedingly well with games, and the addition of touchpad made the control more appealing. The sweetness in the compact design of Ds4 was amazing, with the right amount of weight to fit perfectly between our palms.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

The motion sensor equipped within the DS4 made it the most innovative controller in console category. Play station 5 will only improve and upgrade this beauty to even a better remote control with functions that modded or scuff controller offered. The scuff controller changes the experience of playing certain games, mostly in the likes of FPS, and if Sony fuses detachable scuffs with Dual Shock 5 (whatever name it will have), we won’t need unnecessary mod upgrades.

6) A console that acts as virtual GPU

With the changing trend in the gaming universe, Play station 5 might adopt this trend early on and will have Sony equip it with a feature to turn it into virtual GPU with the tap of a button. Ps5 will possess supreme processing and computing power that can help it in firing up games on micro processing units like Tablet, Mobile Phones or a PC.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

This will change the gaming landscape and players will obsess over this machine, and also help you enable gaming AAA title that requires herculean power on a business oriented laptop.

7) Integrated VR

Virtual reality may be resisted by some, however, its acceptance far outweighs rejection. VR is set to take the centre stage in the gaming industry in the near future, it is inevitable to have more AAA titles releasing on both conventional and VR gaming, if not solely focused on Virtual reality.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

Play station 5 might come with a generation specific VR that is progressive, futuristic and powerful enough churn out twice as much power as the VR headset of today offers. Play station 5 should come bundled with the next-gen Virtual Reality with numerous titles and with infinite exclusives.

8) 2TB standard storage

Play station 5 will have elephant-sized data that will consume stupendous disc space. With coming-of-age of gaming industry, it is ultra nefarious if someone is unable to play video games due to lack of space.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

Like Ps4 500gig, which is rendered redundant because of ever-increasing size of video games, similarly when games are designed to natively run at 60FPS on 4K TV, it will weigh heavier than planet earth in digital world. Ps5 should come with high standard storage of say 2TB or a premium offering of 5TB. Off course, the wise choice would be to invest in the latter.

9) Re-introduce 3D games and 3D TV

Sony introduced 3D game support on Ps3 due to Blu-ray disc. There were about 72 games on Ps3 that possessed 3d support with 36 exclusives. You can check the full list here. The same continued for Ps4 as well, however, the number of titles on Ps4 were not even remotely close to that of Ps3. This clearly depicted death of 3d game support, in which there are only 14 games on the Ps4 library that support 3d game model.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

Although this looks like a dying trend, however, a game that incorporates 100% of the core gameplay into a 3d experience will be a much refreshing experience. Combine 3d with breathtaking visuals in 4k at 60FPS to immerse in the game like never before.

10) A PS5 eco-system

As we can see, if Ps5 integrates VR, 3d game support through a dedicated TV, cross platform support with Steam game etc. it is only fair to assume that Ps5 shall come with an eco-system that integrates gaming with other forms of entertainment. Since it is essentially a game console, we can expect it to function as exclusive home entertainment machine that sits on the TV shelf.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

Like I pointed earlier, a more functional controller can help in operating other gadgets rather than only interacting with video games. It would be interesting to see whether an eco-system can be created around Play station 5.

11) Read and detect media from multiple sources

Some say it is unrealistic to expect media to run and operate on Play station 5 the way it runs on PC or dedicated media players. Such claims are ridiculous for the time we live in, Ps3 and Ps4 can run most media seamlessly. In fact, there was a system update that allowed for direct playback of videos and music file from Pen drive that plugged in at the controller charging ports. Although there are certain limitations to this feature, we can expect Ps5 to grow bigger than such obstacles.

12) Portability and home console flexibility

There are educated and well-informed predictions that the generation barrier to gaming shall be removed and consoles will be designed and architected to play games across various generations. As a result, it practically eliminates the need to upgrade to the succeeding console unless a consumer wishes to possess superior graphic and speed.

Console gaming will undergo rapid transformation should this ever happen.Nintendo has launched a revolutionary gaming device that switches between portable display and on-screen home setup. This is one of the spectacular innovations that took place recently in the gaming industry.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5
We want Sony to follow suit, and incorporate a design that allows for portability and mobility in playing games on the Ps5. If not a flagship console, there could be a variant that allows for portability while cutting corners on few other features. With that said and done, Sony can easily kill the competition by modelling a console that is powerful and portable.

13) Ability to configure graphic settings

When a console gamer play games he expects his console to work at the highest visual configuration, that may be detrimental if a TV that supports it is not available. Likewise, a ps5 will be a powerhouse that can generate 4K at 60FPS, however, if the game is made to operate on lower resolution TV, it can be resized to fit in such a TV.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

Consequently, a Ps5 should be able to resize from 4k to 1080p, making the game sharper by fitting in more pixels in a compact resolution. Thus, this will make Ps5 run games at low res with Higher FPS or high res (Above 4K) at lower FPS.

Playstation 5 could lead a new trend in console upgrade

Expecting all these from a 5th Generation Console from the house of Sony is a reasonable thought. Microsoft is scaling up their game with the launch of Xbox Scorpio which is branded as the most powerful console, similar to its counterpart Ps4 Pro. Scorpio brags about running 4K at 60FPS flawlessly and this has been teased by a gameplay video of Forza 6.

Top 13 features PlayStation 5

If the launch of Ps5 takes place in line with the expected lifespan of Ps4, then it shall release anywhere in the mid or end of 2019. However, with changing trends in gaming, the introduction of cloud gaming and virtual GPU’s, there is a paradigm shift in the rudimentary function of a console. Instead of generation upgrade, consoles are becoming more of a technical upgrade with a single game that runs on all the system and is optimised in accordance with the console.

If the launch of Ps5 takes place in line with the expected lifespan of Ps4, then it shall release anywhere in the mid or end of 2019. However, with changing trends in gaming, the introduction of cloud gaming and virtual GPU’s, there is a paradigm shift in the rudimentary function of a console. Instead of generation upgrade, consoles are becoming more of a technical upgrade with a single game that runs on all the system and is optimised in accordance with the console.

Instead of generation upgrade, consoles are becoming more of a technical upgrade with a single game that runs on all the system and is optimised in accordance with the console.


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