Spiderman Gameplay trailer review

Spiderman Gameplay trailer review

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The hype could not get realer than this, Spiderman gameplay trailer from E3 2017 was the most exciting game that I have seen this year. Despite revamping an existing franchise, the game looks fresh, crisp and glaring. The trailer for this game was teased last year in E3, which sparked exchanges among the gaming community members. Spiderman’s costume was on constant debate because it was never seen on any comic, movie or television show before. Most alluring or should I say the prominent aspect of his costume was the white spider logo that accentuated on the superhero’s upper-body.

Spiderman Gameplay trailer review

Third person action game from the house of Insomniac Games

Insomnia Games have confirmed that the game was created through the same game engine that was used to create Ratchet and Clank. We also have news that the map in the upcoming Spiderman game is set to be three to four times larger than the map of Sunset Overdrive. Therefore, we can expect a comparatively larger world map, which will prove to be satisfying for web-slinging across the city. Without wasting much time, let us have a look at the E3 2017 gameplay trailer.

Based in New York

The trailer starts with an SOS call alarming the police patrols in the vicinity of a crime scene. The operator informs that there are shots being fired in a location and we get to see a bird’s eye view of the busy city of New York. A landmark that is under-construction has the name Fisk Construction written on it. Spiderman leaps from above and slings to the landmark. He is connected to Yuri through a two-way radio and briefs her about his findings at the location. There are masked men with suits who are vandalising and killing the labours at the site. Spidey terms them as the demon, which I am not really sure, is it a gang he is referring to or is he just calling the group of thugs by that name? The in-game cinematic ends here and the gameplay starts as the health bar, special power HUD appears on the screen.

More intuitive and visceral form of web shooting and slinging

We get to see how the combat systems work at this point. There is an ability to stealthily take down enemies by sneaking from behind and action set piece looks stunning. Next, our superhero perches on the iron bean kept at a higher ground which provides him with an opportunity to knock the enemy from the top and web-hanging him to the ceiling to avoid detection.

At this moment 1.20 on the video, another masked thug is suspicious and rushes to investigate. Spiderman shoots a ball of web on a container adjacent to the thug which explodes and immediately ensnares the enemy and binds him to the container. It seems Spiderman has incorporated technology to his special ability that uses motion sensor and whatnot to neutralize threat. This could prove to be an effective strategy to clear a large group of enemies remotely.

He moves ahead by slinging and staying above the enemy’s line of sight and uses environmental objects like the hook of a crane to knock two masked men. This alerts the thug at the other end and before he can react, spidey lunges on him with incredible speed and drops him to the floor. There are gunshots on the other side of the building and as we rush to the location, we see one of the workers surrounded by a group of thugs.

Robust combat system, not the freshest but the most robust!

The combat system is more or less inspired by Batman and hence using spider senses, dodging and mastering quick time events becomes essential. Not to mention, watching Spidey do all that is enthralling. After battling the thugs, he speaks to Fisk through the worker who was held hostage and Fisk is not sure about the attacks as he is in a prison cell. At this point, a choppers flies by the building, and Spidey slings to the top of the building, eliminates the thugs and is faced by a giant demon, whose fist is electrified. A battle ensues and Spidey wins and jolts to the top of the building to witness one of the major villains in the game, Mr Negative.  As soon Mr Negative kills another worker, he boards the chopper. As the chopper elevates, Spiderman slings a chain of web and hooks the plane to a generator atop the terrace to prevent the chopper from taking off.

In an effort to detach the chopper, Mr. Negative blows the container with him dark power and which causes the generator to dangle and collide with tallest steel construction beam. As Spidey ties web around the steel beam to prevent its fall, he unknowingly is hit with a whale-sized hook that dashes him in the air. He loses his consciousness for a few seconds, only to suddenly awaken from his brief trance to save the beam from dropping to the ground. At this point, the gameplay is resumed as the player has to hit the right button in a series of quick time event to hitch the steel beam using his web to a mount.

Stunning cinematics and set pieces, Hollywood anyone?

Once the fall is prevented, the chase sequence resumes. At this point Capt. Watanabe or Yuri, updates Spidey about the mayhem-causing helicopter that he is already pursuing. Since the container is still hitched to the chopper, there are lots of destruction as it flies. The chase is amazing as we can witness that the web-slinging mechanism is ultra-realistic and not just random inconsistent stint appearing from the sky. As the chase comes to a close, we see Spiderman lunging inside the chopper and kicking the demon thug and tossing him into the building with broken glass.

As Spidey tries to negotiate with Mr. Negative, who clearly isn’t in a mood for discussion as he tries to slash and kill our hero. Spidey damages the control panel of the chopper, which causes it to spiral rapidly and the tail fan smashes into a building and detaches which makes it drop to the ground. Spidey saves the day by catapulting the broken tail into the sky and glueing it to the building so nobody is injured and then proceeds to prevent the helicopter crash by slinging a series of web-shot to weave a cushion for the chopper to safely fall into it. The final scene is epic as Spiderman lands on the chopper by perching on it in his signature style while the mob cheers him for this legendary feat.

Conclusive remark

It seems the trailer ends here but no it doesn’t, at this point, Spiderman enters the chopper to find Mr Negative a.k.a Mr Li lying unconscious. As he approaches closer, Mr Li wakes up and his face lighting up with dark powers as he instantly strangulates Spiderman. The trailer ends and the release year is shown i.e 2018.

Things we learnt from this trailer:

1) The combat system is inspired by Batman with dodging ability et cetra.

2)  Spiderman may have few gadgets rather than only pure organic web weaving ability.

3) Quick time events are a crucial form of gameplay to create engaging cinematics.

4) Mr Negative is one of the villains but not the only villain.

5) Osborn is part of the game as you can at 6.06 minutes that there is a billboard that says Osborn as the mayor.

6) It seems Spiderman can eat hot dogs in the city as shown in 0.24 in the trailer.

7) There may be an alter-ego of Spiderman who is dark and demonic, just an assumption I drew from the last scene when Mr. Negative may have sparked the dark force within Spiderman.

8) Only, only on Playstation 4.

What do you guys think about the game? Will it be a hit or a miss? How badly do you want to see venom in this game?


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