Pc vs Console: Technological warfare of the titans!

Pc vs Console – Who takes the trophy?

Psychological warfare between enthusiast

Polarisation in the choice of gaming platform is a widespread epidemic. Strangers across the globe who don’t know each other are ready to hammer each other if they differ in their choice of platform. The Internet has become a battlefield, influencers have turned into arch-rivals, and individuals have turned into a pawn in this game of chess. The weapon has become digital, it is a psychological warfare, dopamine and endorphins have become targets.

Consoles, hand-held devices and PC are competing to become the top choice of a gaming device, is PC Master Race a true concept? Is the PC master race community topping the competition? Am I going be belittled for my choice of console gaming? We have to resolve this conflict of Pc vs Console Technological warfare mindset and bridge this great divide.

Is tablet a pc, is console a tablet, is pc a console??

Pc has been in existence for longer than most of the electronic device. Gaming console was also evolving since the day of their inception. Game developers changed their paradigm from purely console gaming to a cross-platform type of games. This has further intersected the oft-confusing purpose of each device.

It is evident that PC is diversifying from its standalone task to becoming a jack of all trade. Will this diversification make it master of none? Tablets and smartphones crept into the scene, revolutionising the industry by imploding and disrupting Pc’s primary purpose.

Pandora box is open, there is no going back now!

With this technological explosion, the Pandora box has opened, will devices ever become a core functioning unit. In the current situation, it doesn’t look like a single device can monopolise in a domain because every device is cross-performing and drifting across multiple roles.

It has sparked the creation of communities of self-proclaimed pundits and prophets, i.e PC master race, who consider it is their life’s sole purpose to enlighten peasant console gamers. Aargh!! Pathetic. Instead of Pc vs console: Technological warfare, it has become a battle of philosophy, a psychological warfare!

Hands on experience of PC gaming

To get a taste of what PC gaming is, I played certain games on a custom built Pc gaming rig assembled by my friend who is an engineer. I was astonished at the depth of personalization his gaming rig possessed. He says his PC is an extension of his personality and if it doesn’t look its part, it does not deserve to exist.


The CPU box looked like a work of art, with illuminated strips of fluorescent light on the edge. A transparent glass panel covered one side of CPU cabin which brilliantly displayed the motherboard and a brightly radiating graphic card. The mouse looked like a weapon and the keys on the board were selectively embellished to highlight primary keys to interact with the game.

Mindblowing first impression

He powered up this nuclear reactor looking machine and the 4K monitor screen displayed the rich dense wallpaper which was alluring and enticing. In my effort to devour the experience of playing every genre of games within the limited time I had, we played each game for an hour or less than an hour but never more. Strictly going by this regime, I was able to play GTA, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Seige and few other games that I played on Ps4.

Off-course, the display difference was staggering because I play on a lower resolution TV and Frames Per Second being locked at 70 is beyond amazing. It is easily noticeable unlike the myth that has been tossed around for ages. The myth that human eye is incapable of registering motion above 30FPS. Combine that with slick controls using a key board and mouse, the game-play was elegant, beautiful and simply amazing.

A known stranger – PC

I have played certain games on Pc in the first few years of a getting a PC. I eventually moved to consoles because, during 90’s, console gaming picked as a trend and had plenty of hype. However, playing through a controller simply change the gameplay, there is no comparison when you game on the controller.

Games that are action/adventure like Batman, Dark soul, Final fantasy can never be played on a keyboard and mouse set-up. If you see someone doing it, it is simply retarded. Computer set up beats consoles because of extreme precision that mouse offers. Other than First Person Shooter, games which are designed to be played in a third person are best experienced when played on a console.

game-devs stirred the differences and are still enjoying the show

Exclusive games on the console take the win every single time because let’s face it, any gaming discussion is based on games and if they don’t exist, why the debate? Initially, there were certain games on PC that were exclusive to that system, however with time that exclusiveness disappeared. Game developers realised if games wouldn’t hit the consoles, their success would be hampered with few exceptions like Indie game and AA titles.

Consoles changed the gaming industry; it made a hobby that was predominantly isolated into a more social experience. Remember when we played games on a console with our friends from neighbourhood, this is exactly the kind of eco-system that PC games severely lacked. In essence, two systems are distinct apart and merely comparing them will defeat the purpose. Hence let’s look beyond the Pc vs console: Technological warfare syndrome!

PC – the good, the bad and the ugly

I love the fact that when a console is produced, it maintains stability and ease of gaming for its lifespan of 5-6years. Post this period, I would have refilled my pocket to buy the upgrade in bulk without hassles of a PC that causes minor upgrades in part every three to six months. I love my right to enjoy entertainment right out of the box; else what good is entertainment if it requires toiling and struggle. It is my love for the console that is high right now and before I trash this argument, let’s see if PC gaming is any well suited for a hardcore console gamer.

Let’s see what PC master race is all about:

1)The Keyboard and Mouse combination – A double edged sword

For the same reasons that I love controller on a console exclusive game, a PC set-up is best suited for First person shooter game. Ability to flicker quickly, take 3360-degreeflip instantly with precision is unparalleled. Versatility between quickly flicking the cross hair and also moving the scope in undulating fashion is magical. I have put in about 250hours in less than 6 months on Rainbow Six Seige on a Play station 4.

Mouse dominates FPS but fails miserably on 3rd person shooter

It is completely a different experience when played on a PC. Firstly, I had a problem adjusting to the controls and then switching to a more alienated system of controlling the character in the game. As the novelty settled, the game became an enthralling experience. Although my aim was shaking, the angles that I got kills from would not be possible on a console. Ability to lean helps to get kills while roaming or cutting through tight corners.

Playing with an ACOG was the best part of playing rainbow six siege on PC as the accuracy is closely linked to your brain. Although I never faced jitters or wavy aiming on a console, however the accuracy on a gaming PC is miles ahead. Then again, if you play games like assassin creeds or GTA, it is tiring to play on the PC set up as both of the palms are far apart. In fact the controls feels gawky, hence a controller is always a better option for 3rd person games.

2) Graphic fidelity – A monstrous graphic yielding machine

“Whoever claims that only game-play is everything does not own a graphic card.” A quote that gets thrown around a lot. I remember when I was naïve to say that gameplay is the king, which is mostly true, however, gameplay without graphic is a big turn off. I was born in the 90’s, an era where gameplay was given more importance than its sheer cosmetic appearance, however as game technology has evolved, a stellar graphic has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

With rampant evolution in the video games industry, it is a by-product that was never really the focus. A fully customised PC with latest accessories and parts will massively stomp the latest generation console into smithereens. If a game is played at 8K or 4K resolution with a solid 70FPS it can look close to real. The movement in game reflects actual movement in real life and the destruction, explosion and animation in the game look life-like.

Mc Graphics – I’m lovin it

Outlast 2 when experienced on PC with a 4k monitor inside a dark room, is a pure addiction. Although I am not a big fan of the horror genre, outlast has killed it with graphics in every aspect from details in the environment, ripple effect in water and the insidious dark skies creates the perfect blend for immersion and realism.

Nothing can beat a PC here, because no matter how massive of an upgrade is offered by the console. Frequent upgrade on PC maybe tedious, however, if done right, is definitely worth it and greener pasture is assured on the other side.

3) Character and in game modification – Pc is the holy grail for modification

Imagine playing GTA 5 disguised as Sherlock holmes, fallout 4 as a wolverine, it sure will be messy as hell but definitely euphoric. In an era, where games have become a mainstream hobby it is bound to be splashed with creative inputs from gamers who are tech-junkies themselves.

This reminds me of a game “fallout 4” which is a massive open world game set in a time which is post-nuclear war. Entire civilisation has been wiped off and only a few remain who have mutated due to exposure to nuclear radiation.

Modding games is much more than tweaking!!

This game is huge, it offers variety and width in gameplay which is filled with numerous side-quest, a lengthy story-driven campaign along with a system of building and establishing settlements. It became a worldwide sensation and one of the most popular game at the time of its release and continues to be played 2 years after its release.

Modification by any party apart from game developers was frowned upon and also unethical. However, Bethesda studio did the impossible when it allowed gamers to officially modify the game to their liking, which was unseen in the history of gaming.

Modding is a form of expression!

Modification by any party apart from game developers was frowned upon and also unethical. However, Bethesda studio did the impossible when it allowed gamers to officially modify the game to their liking, which was unseen in the history of gaming.

Gamers from across the world started modifying and experimenting with a well-crafted game, to the point of creating a wave that was accentuated through twitch, youtube and Reddit. However, Sony was the only publisher that disallowed modifying on Ps4 even after express approval from the game developers.

This made Sony look like a dick, but they stuck to their gun and non-ps4 gamer continued playing this game and incorporating their creativity in the game.

Sony killed the fun!

This created a mass appeal because Bethesda caused a disruption by permitting modification which was not possible otherwise, on a console. Pc gamers have access to games that can be modified to their taste anytime without the need for an approval.

As a result, most of the PC gamers run a youtube channel that can appropriately showcase their creativity in a game by personalising every pixel in the game. We hope that console also paves the way to be open to modding games, but it seems bleak considering Sony’s move to withhold modding of an otherwise permitted modification offered by Bethesda.

Pc trumps modding like nuke against dynamite!

Another explanation given by executive for Sony’s move was that console is designed with a notion to play the game as it is primarily designed. By altering a game, additional objects are put in, this may be more than the processing power of the CPU, and it may burn out causing the game to crash.

With the extra power that is fused in a Ps4 Pro, this may be possible but let us keep our hopes aside. What good is it to pin our hopes on to a fantasy.5

5) Building a gaming Pc is a pain in the wallet

After dedicating my entire day with a custom build PC gaming beast, we jumped to the final discussion about pricing and its lifespan. For a Pc, there is no such thing as life span as there are minor upgrades that release every quarter or 6 months.  A custom made Pc which shall be able to play games at similar graphic fidelity as a console priced equally is impossible. This maybe a reality after few years have passed since the consoles initial release.

Pc vs Console Technological warfare

A custom made Pc which shall be able to play games at similar graphic fidelity as a console priced equally is impossible. This may be a reality after few years have passed since the console’s initial release.

Money can buy you happiness!

Since our Pc ran games at 60 FPS on a 4K monitor the price of the whole set-up was way beyond any set-up in a console gaming eco-system. To assemble a beast like this it could easily cost up to $3300 which is way above what it would cost to purchase a Ps4 Pro and a decent 4K TV.

Again, this points to what I said earlier Ps4 Pro is a relatively newer upgrade, however, if we look the comparison from standard Ps4 or Xbox one’s perspective. A new Ps4 and a decent TV would cost around under $500. Nothing beats this price point, however, we should not ignore that a PC performs other tasks that a console cannot, so factoring all the benefits to the price, a premium built spells into a good investment that can help in various ways.

Thephatgamer loves Ps4 as he loves food, experiencing 4K at 60FPS is too beautiful to be ignored. Exclusive games on console are phenomenal and are a game-changer in the battle as well. For now, let me power-up my console and let me entertain myself to Horizon Zero Dawn!! Share your love in the comment below.


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