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A 90’s gamer who loves games, gadget and technology, I witnessed the growth spurt in gaming world, experienced some of the first few handheld gaming devices and gorged on Nintendo entertainment system because it was my first gaming console. Raised on pixels and megabytes, I played games like street fighter, super mario etc. Growing up in the Middle East, which was a major market for sports and action video games, I got addicted to the latter category. When I was in my 7th Grade, I got a Play station 1 and was exposed to 3d gaming which was innovatively crazy.


Megaman is my ideal super hero and often found myself advising him on how to beat the ruthless renegade robots. Gameboy introduced me to games like Driver, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Megaman, Wario Land, Final fantasy etc. Never knew that these games would completely change me into a full blown gamer.

I am Tipu Sultan, The phat gamer a.k.a Sultan of Games, I love games, gadget and technology. I present to you the latest updates in the gaming universe, from game releases to news, directly from the game developers/studios and most importantly innovation in technology in the gaming space. In other words, we offer you the Phattest info from the game-tech community.

I owned NES, Playstation1 slim, PS2, PS4, PC, Gameboy color, Gameboy Advance and PSP. I never bothered collecting them because of my minimalist lifestyle and I don’t intend to own them anyway except the ones that I play for most of the time. You can be sure to receive giveaways for Ps4 games, Consoles and Gadgets on this blog.  

Phat game Reviews will provide you Phat(above 1500 words) unbiased review on the game that I play which is 100% honest. I will talk about the story, game-mechanics, characters, sound track and world map. You can be sure after reading my blog that you’d get the best the insight you need to purchase the game. I shall take request for game review, however I avoid games like horror/survival because I feel I am too chicken for that.

Along with reviews, this blog shall provide you with impressions and theory that we ascribe to the latest game trailer. Playing games for about 10 years now, the phat gamer makes somewhat accurate prediction of the game, and would love to hear your opinion and logic to the theory.

Additionally, I will be using gadgets and reviewing them. I do reviews for mainly game-tech that incorporate technology in gaming, gaming accessories and electronic product. I will post about budget gaming which is time and money saver.

Technology runs in my blood, I live in Kanto and was born with a gadget in my palm.

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